Boy in Suit sitting on Bromo Seltzer Emerson Drug box wheelbarrow

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Two copies of the same picture. One picture has writing on the back.

Picture is of a boy dressed in a suit sitting on a wheelbarrow made from a Emerson Drug Co. wooden box. The box has Emerson Drug Co. Baltimore, MD on the side along with advertising for Bromo Seltzers, a headache medicine.
Photos are printed on very lightweight paper and slightly smaller than a postcard at about 3.25 x 5.5 inches.
On the reverse of one of the pictures is a handwritten note from the boy to his grandfather. Appears to read "Grandpa Hutter I will send you this photo I would like to see I'll soon be ten years old how are you getting a long now. write me a letter come down we will go fishing From Austin L Bond Wolf Summit  W VA"